Why SAP Hybris Billing is the desired enterprise billing system for the digital age…

SAP Hybris Billing, which was recently renamed from SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management (BRIM), is a SAP cloud product that provides agility and increases transparency across the revenue management process from customer engagement to revenue recognition.

The feedback from SAP clients and Hybris contractors alike has been positive, SAP Hybris Billing is clearly a critical piece in the digital transition, it provides an end-to-end solution and complete coverage of the offer-to-cash process for new digital business models that can be fully integrated across all aspects of billing, including dual or multi-sided revenue streams.

The tool sets at the heart of SAP Hybris Billing: AP Billing & Revenue Innovation Management tools, enabling build subscription and usage based pricing models. SAP Hybris also assist businesses across the billing process by providing multi-party settlements and pricing abstraction capabilities as well as close integration with SAP financial and analytics product lines.

Of course, there are other cloud based billing systems, however with SAP Hybris companies can offer diverse payment methods from credit cards to prepaid, postpaid and hybrid payments all while running a lights-out revenue management chain, if companies fully utilize the offering – SAP Convergent Charging (SAP CC) and SAP Convergent Invoicing (SAP CI) will empower marketing and sales to craft pricing models that reward loyalty, offer partners flexible terms and ensure accurate settlement.

What are your thoughts on SAP Hybris?

Does SAP Hybris offer:

High-end Enterprise Functionality?

Compatible with Legacy Systems?

Seamless CRM Integration (legacy / SAP)?

Usable: Speed to Deploy / Time to Value?

Competitive Cost: Deployment and Ongoing Maintenance?

Orchestration of your Business?

A Single Unified System?

Aspect Resources is supporting a number of cloud based Hybris projects, to that end, we would value your input, or simply get in touch to find out more about our current SAP Hybris projects.


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